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The Viola- Bronze Sculpture
Creative Mind Sculpture in Bronze
Wired Original Sculpture

Holly Atkinson lives in Guelph, Canada and exhibits nationally and internationally.

Her sculpture in metal and mixed media is a personal glimpse from people she has met or places she has been. Her work captures character, cultures and a unique view from her eyes. Holly’s creations often include natural elements such as wood, stone, and fabric.

Holly is a member of The Sculptors Society of Canada, The Medallic Art Society of Canada, The Federation of Canadian Artists and The Guelph Arts Council.


Holly Atkinson Booth 62

Paint Ontario Show

Artist Statement

My love for sculpture and relief comes from my curiosity with life and the living. My inspiration comes from places, people, artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Rodin, Eva Hesse, Frida and Paul Klee. I am interested in line, contour, shapes and colour. I am fascinated by the process of creating and the materials used that are unique to each work. 

My studio is my happy place where sketches begin and then progress to a maquette, and the continuation of working through to a final sculpture in various mediums such as paper, fabric, gypsums and bronze. Each medium is unique and I like the difference in application, each offers. Colour or lack of it, also becomes part of my work. Texture, shape and imagination are always present. 

My original fabric, paper sculptures were intended as larger studies for bronze casting, however I liked the material, the flow of it, the contrast of light and shadow and so several remained in their original form. 

Metal is by far, the most interesting and time consuming to create. The permanence of it, the precise detail, the patina , all are fascinating for sculpture and allows me to create and be unique.

The Sculpture Society of Canada
The Medallic Art Society of Canada
guelph arts council
kitchener waterloo society of artists